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Why Caputo & Partners?

We are a Swiss banking law firm helping international private clients. 95% of our clients are international.

Enzo CaputoThe founding partner Enzo Caputo is an ex-UBS lawyer. He is an Insider of the Swiss private banking industry. As former CEO of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers, with 30 years of professional experience collected inside of Swiss banks, he will handle any issue with your Swiss bank account and international business.

Our Partners have matured their professional experience inside a Swiss bank. We are Insiders of the Swiss private banking industry.

Our office is at Paradeplatz, the centre of Zurich, next door to all major banks. Never go alone to the meeting with your bank, if you have a serious issue. Your banker is not anymore your friend. You are going to fight with an Olympic boxer. You are going to lose. Let us come with you and be successful together.

The use of a wrong, incomplete or an incorrect explication can be sufficient for the bank to freeze your account.

Call us and we will come with you to sit on the table with your banker. Due to our substantial portable knowledge and Insider know-how we are incredibly fast, practical and efficient. We know exactly how they think and how they are going to react.

We know the industry standards and what is a fair pricing. Let us negotiate preferential treatment and special conditions for you.

If the negotiation fails, we fight for you. We are not on the payroll of the powerful Swiss banks as many other big law firms. Intentionally, we reject engagements from banks avoiding any conflict of interest situation. We are here to serve you exclusively.


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Our most popular services

Open a Swiss bank account in one day

Protect your assets with the best banks

We help you to diversify and protect your assets

Protect your money now

Bank Account Inheritance

We can solve issues with account and assets inheritance

We are experts in Swiss succession law

Start getting your money now

Frozen Accounts

You don't have to be a criminal to get your bank account frozen.

It is time to unblock your account

Unfreeze your account

Voluntary Disclosure

Many countries are chasing account holders

With us you can minimize the impact

Be tax compliant and Protect your savings

Move to Switzerland

The best way to protect your assets

Ask professional advice to get the permit

Start your new life in Switzerland

Off market property sales

We help you find great investment opportunity in Switzerland

Benefit of a vast knowledge of the market in Zurich

Have a look at the latest opportunities

What Clients say about Caputo & Partners:

I can not tell how helpful, respectful and proactive this team is. I am a complete novice and was met with a level of service and support I have never encountered to date.
Lewis W. Stadlen, Paris, France
…I would like to thank you once again for all your work and cooperation for having unblocked my accounts in such a short period. Since the beginning I was convinced to have engaged the right lawyer – I was right…
A. A., Bahamas
I would be happy to recommend Enzo with any Swiss banking matters, I have found him to be very professional and his legal knowledge and connections in the Swiss banking circles are far reaching, by not retaining Enzo for all your Swiss dealings is a mistake. I will thankfully never have to live with.
Anonymized Name, Anonymized
You cannot find a more capable lawyer to solve your international tax problems. Mr. Caputo is knowledgeable, fast and efficient.
Robert S., Athens, Greece

Caputo & Partners AG – Law Firm

Book a visit in our office, we are located in Paradeplatz, the heart of Zurich (Switzerland) next door to the headquarters of the top Swiss Banks.

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