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Caputo & Partners are domiciled in the heart of Zurich directly next door to all the major banks and financial institutions. We will assess your case and prepare you for the next meeting with your private banker. With our extensive network based on exclusive prime contacts we have the capability of even negotiating a fair settlement for you in no time. When negotiation fails we are one of the very few Swiss law firms that are prepared to litigate against any Swiss bank in order to defend your rights.

We help you to solve your problem with your Swiss bank account

We will start working immediately – few minutes after your call. We fix any bank problem with our immediate intervention. We understand how frustrating, serious and devastating bank account problems can be for you and your family. We promise to take your stress with your bank account problem definitely out of your life by not only resolving your Swiss bank account issues, but making it a pleasant experience for you and your family when we will come up with smart proposals for your future wealth planning strategies.

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Our team is composed of banking lawyers, bankers, hedge fund specialists and tax advisors focused on guarding and protecting the interests of international clients holding bank accounts in Switzerland (High Net Worth Individuals). The founding partner, Enzo Caputo, Attorney at Law, is authorized to practice before Swiss courts and represent you before Swiss courts. He was head of the Legal and Compliance Department at the UBS Group and former CEO of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers before establishing his own venture as an independent banking lawyer with Caputo & Partners.

Why we are different from other business lawyers

All our lawyers have at least 7 years of professional experience made INSIDE a Swiss bank. Senior lawyers will manage your case from A-Z and not pass it over to a junior like other big law firms. Your case is managed by senior lawyers only. No hourly fees. We work with flat fees and success fees.
We offer 24/7 support over the phone. First case consultation is free of charge.

If you want to save your assets, watch our video advice

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If you are not happy with your Swiss bank or you do not feel comfortable, let’s go together – you and me – to meet your Swiss banker. Today! Now! I help you to discover latent mistakes and explain documents to you, if the bank asks your signatures on declarations and forms that you do not fully understand; I alert you in case the bank is collecting declarations of discharge, renouncement to the Swiss bank secrecy; I check for you the content of fine-prints; I prevent you from doing fatal mistakes with premature signatures on forms; I give you my second opinion on the proposals of the bank; I guide you how to detect conflict of interest situations. My guarantee to YOU: After this meeting you walk out of the bank as a winner with a big smile on your face.

Enzo Caputo’s Interview on Secret Accounts of Indians with 1 “Aaj Tak Hindi Channel” (40 Million Viewers).

Never go alone to your bank to negotiate, be smart and successful! We are ready NOW to come with you to the meeting with your banker and negotiate at same eye level.

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