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Enzo Caputo finished law school at the University of Zurich with cum laude. At the District Court of Zurich he started as a clerk. Based on his bar exam with the Cantonal High Court Zurich he was admitted to practice in civil, administrative and criminal law before all courts in Switzerland. He accomplished post-graduate studies in combating money laundering and compliance. He was head of the legal and compliance department in a company part of the UBS Group. He last job was CEO of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM) and member of the Arbitration Court for Asset Managers. 2006 he started his own law firm Caputo & Partners Ltd. under the domain www.swiss-banking-lawyers.com. He is multilingual. He communicates in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

The UK to leave EU after shocking Brexit: many rich British residents escape to Switzerland to protect their assets. We can help

Brexit has triggered and destroyed the Economic and Political stability in the UK. Extreme volatility in the financial markets coupled with uncertain conditions in the UK drives the flight of Millionaires from London to Switzerland. The apparent victory of the little man against the rich guys was shown when the UK voted to leave the [...]

By | 25 June 2016|Advice, Living in Switzerland|

How long does it take until gold deposits will be exhausted?

If we continue to extract the same quantity of gold as done in recent years, the known global gold deposits would be exhausted in 19 years only. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) regularly analyses the world's remaining gold reserves. Such gold reserves have been already detected or at least estimated to be located in the [...]

By | 6 June 2016|Business News|

BSI Bank Scandal – New Dirty Details

As already reported on our blog, authorities in Switzerland and Singapore took action against Swiss private bank BSI SA for allegedly failing to prevent suspected money laundering and bribery-related to its dealings with a Malaysian development fund. Much of the money has was transferred to intermediaries before being spent on pursuits that had nothing to do [...]

By | 31 May 2016|Accounting and Financial Scandals and Frauds|

Panama Papers with names: Politicians and Stars involved – Switzerland stays strong

UBS, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Barclays are just some of the banks involved in the latest batch of Panama Papers. The secret offshore financial dealings also implicated relatives of President Xi Jinping and other senior Chinese figures, aides to Russian president Vladimir Putin, and celebrities including Jackie Chan and Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi. The ICIJ [...]

Brazilian Voluntary Disclosure: Speaker of Congress with undeclared Swiss bank accounts

Brazil's Supreme Court removed the speaker of the lower house of Congress on Thursday on charges of obstructing a corruption investigation, days before an impeachment process that he engineered was expected to oust President Dilma Rousseff. The removal of Eduardo Cunha, a bitter rival of Rousseff and one of Brazil's most divisive public figures, was [...]

By | 6 May 2016|Tax Evasion and Voluntary Disclosure|

Swiss Banks – FIFA – Brazil: Corruption Investigation

A big U.S. corruption investigation into international soccer is focusing on the role multinational sponsors, broadcasters, and banks may have played in facilitating soccer corruption, according to people familiar with the investigation. In some instances, federal prosecutors are investigating the companies themselves for potential wrongdoing. In others, it remains unclear if the companies are the [...]

By | 18 April 2016|Corruption, whistleblower and identity thiefs|

Swiss Banking Secrecy still in force: Banker convicted for disclosing information

This is good news for Switzerland and the safety of assets and bank accounts held by Swiss banks. A Swiss politician and a former bank IT employee were recently convicted on Wednesday of breaching Switzerland’s strict Banking Secrecy rules by handing over information. This event triggered the resignation of the country’s most senior central banker [...]

By | 15 April 2016|Swiss Bank Secrecy and Secret Bank Account|

Millionaire Escape: the Super Rich leave European Cities and move to Switzerland

Because of the refugee crisis and growing religious conflicts, many millionaires are currently leaving the big European cities. Switzerland is still among the `safe harbors` where the super-rich wants to live: it has open doors for tax refugees. It is always a bad sign for a country if the millionaires want to leave. They are usually the [...]

Panama Papers and Mossack Fonseca: the truth

Media have announced heavy investigation and prosecution based on papers leaked by the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca. All the investigations are targeting Mossack Fonseca. Unlegitimate materials are the evidence used for such investigations. That’s illegal. The fruits of poisoned trees can not be utilized as evidence. It seems that Mossack Fonseca helped money laundering, [...]

By | 5 April 2016|Accounting and Financial Scandals and Frauds|

Economic citizenship and second passports: a market worth 2 billions dollars

As migration and inequality continue to get significant attention around the globe, it is worth noting a rising phenomenon: Economic Citizenship. A growing number of countries offer individuals passports in return for investment, and the wealthy have been taking advantage in increasing numbers. In 2014, the global rich spent approximately USD 2 billion to acquire nationalities. [...]

By | 24 March 2016|Business News, HNW and UHNW|

5 tips to avoid having your bank account frozen

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZP9-ImqUdU It can happen to everybody. It can happen very fast. Thousands of accounts are frozen each day for many different reasons. Your account can be frozen for years and years. The EU, the FATF, the OECD, the USA have criminalized Switzerland and many Swiss bankers. All this governmental and non-governmental organisations have [...]

By | 5 March 2016|Business News|